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the revolutionary new Garmin G950 Integrated Glass Flight Deck Retrofit package for the Piper PA-46 Meridian. The G950 will allow you to bring the latest Garmin avionics technology and enhanced capabilities to your existing Piper Meridian. The result is a fully integrated flight deck and avionics solution that can take advantage of the latest navigation, approach, weather, and communications technologies available and adaptability to new technology as it emerges. It is the equivalent of having the capabilities of the newest aircraft for a fraction of the cost.

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Items Reconditioned/Replaced

* Heater, heater blower
* Heater thermostate and ingition system
* Vacuum pumps
* Alternators
* New engine guages, airspeed indicator
* New altimeter, attitude indicator

* New HSI
* Exhaust systems
* New Tail pipes
* New built in oxygen system installed
* Tach generators
* Prop governors

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