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At East Texas Aircraft we offer personalized service for your single or twin engine aircraft. It is our goal to ensure that your plane receives the attention you and your family deserves. With myself being the Inspector as well as the head mechanic, there is no overlap of duties, therefore you can be positive there is nothing left undone.

We specialize in preventive maintenance, engine exchanges, airframe modifications, and of course, Annual Inspections. Our Engine Exchange program is custom designed to your specific needs. If it is a quick turn around you desire or maybe you want to keep your original engine, we will work one on one with you to decide the best program to fit your situation and budget. There are a lot of options when it comes to overhaul and you should aware of all of them.

Passionate and Professional Sales & Service

Aircraft Sales and acquisitions is a big part of EastTexas Aircraft. If you are in the market for an airplane, call us first. I can do the research, make the phone calls and provide all the necessary steps to ensure you get the plane you want. I can potentially save you thousands of dollars with a prebuy inspection. I can also save you time and expense with just a few conversations with the seller by asking the correct questions and ruling out even pursuing certain aircraft.

Travel is not a factor as I have traveled as far as California and Pennsylvania to perform prebuy inspections. I try to find airplanes local but it does sometimes require out of state travel. I enjoy matching planes to buyers and have many satisfied customers over the last few years. If you are moving up to newer or bigger plane, I can broker your plane, or possibly buy it outright. Once again, you will receive one on one attention for all you acquisition needs, singles or twins.

Please Let Us Do All of the Work For You

We work on a wide variety of aircraft here at our 6500 sq. Ft. Facility located at Houston County Airport, Crockett Texas. KDKR has a 4000 ft runway

320 Airport Road
Crockett  TX  75835

Texas Cessna Beechcraft Piper Sales and Service

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